We are working with expert insurers to ensure that we are leading the way in providing a bespoke insurance programme for all businesses in the Technology and Media sector.

Keeping pace with the fast moving and ever-changing Technology and Media industry is a challenge for all companies in this sector.

Technology and Media companies need a broker that can not only keep pace with these changes, but pre-empts them.

Our innovative product ensures the basics are done right. We then build in a suite of enhanced covers to ensure that no matter the complexity of your activity, we can provide the most suitable coverage to protect your risk.

  • competitivecommercial Insurance protection from a wide range of ‘A’ rated insurance companies .
  • exclusive policy extensions and refinements for professional indemnity, directors and officers liability, cyber liability, and research and development costs.
  • solid understanding of business interruption cover for all service-led companies, and facilities to assist in business continuity planning.
  • working in partnership with Henderson Risk Management to mitigate potential losses through sound risk assessment.

The technical nature of the sector could mean that you already have doubts over your cover. Are you satisfied that your exposures are adequately covered?

To find how your business can benefit from working in partnership with the Henderson Insurance Brokers Ltd call your local office now.