Classes of insurance

We can assist across a broad range of insurance services and tailor our approach so that you receive the maximum benefit.


  • Cover on buildings including common areas and fit-out which meets the landlord’s responsibility under the lease.

Loss of Income

  • Rent, service charge, car park and mall income following damage to the building.


  • Losses resulting from an act of terrorism.

Legal liability (employers and property owners)

  • Liability to employees and compensation and legal costs payable in relation to injury to third parties or third party property damage.


  • Machinery and plant for damage by risks unique to its use, explosion/collapse. Inspection at required intervals in accordance with health and safety.


  • Compensation to client and third parties arising from gradual pollution and mandatory clean-up costs for sudden and gradual pollution of own site and third party sites.

Due Diligence

  • Transactional advice whether disposing or acquiring properties or companies.