Private Healthcare Insurance (UK and International)

Private Medical Insurance at many companies is valued more highly than company cars and ranks alongside pension schemes. It is also one of the few employee benefits that, while assisting the employee, can also directly benefit the company. It acts as a great retention tool for staff while fulfilling the employees’ medical needs. It also ensures a return to work at the earliest opportunity, thereby minimising the disruptive impact on your business.

The implementation of the right healthcare scheme makes business sense for all caring and profit-conscious employers.

  • A healthier workforce means improved and increased productivity with reducing overheads.
  • Fewer days are lost through illness.
  • Treatment can be planned for a date convenient to your business.
  • An incentive for staff recruitment and retention.
  • Improve staff morale and employee relations.
  • Ensure employees cope with work-related and personal problems.
  • Fulfil your health and safety obligations.
  • Position the organisation as a caring employer of choice in a competitive market.