Credit insurance provides businesses with vital protection against non payment of goods or services, both in export and domestic markets. In the event of insolvency or payment default of a business customer, credit insurance gives you swift access to replacement capital without harming your balance sheet.

Credit insurance is not just a product to step in when a debt goes wrong, but a key component in allowing you to make informed credit decisions to assist in the positive growth of your business. It can also provide comfort to lenders and stakeholders in the business as a large part of your asset base is protected. The credit insurance market can play an integral part in your entire credit management process by providing access to increasing databases of information and external credit professionals, as well as legal and collection experts both within the UK and overseas.

There are many different types of credit insurance policy and at Acumen, we will work with you to undertake a full review to ensure we find the most suitable solution that works for you. For more information about the different types of cover, please contact us or visit our website