Mar 22 2016

Henderson Client Academy Dates for 2017

Protecting yourself against risk is one of the most important factors to consider when running a business. Ensuring that you have adequate insurance cover in place to continue trading in the event of a disaster is essential – which ever industry sector you operate in.

The Henderson Client Academy provides advice on various topics of risk and the different insurances that can help to safeguard your business from every eventuality.

Our free-to-attend seminars present an opportunity for individuals to draw upon HIBL’s expertise and up-to-date knowledge of broking, insurance and risk management.

2017 Seminar Schedule

Date Location Event
Wednesday 1 March Sheffield Claims Defensibility
Tuesday 14 March Leeds Fleet Risk Management
Wednesday 22 March Newcastle/Sunderland Fleet Risk Management
Tuesday 28 March Peterborough Fleet Risk Management
Thursday 30 March London Fleet Risk Management
Tuesday 4 April Manchester Claims Defensibility
Wednesday 17 May Sheffield Environmental Liability
Tuesday 13 June Leeds Construction Sector Briefing
Thursday 15 June Kirmington Construction Sector Briefing
Tuesday 20 June Newcastle/Sunderland Business Interruption and Business Continuity Planning
Thursday 22 June London Business Interruption and Business Continuity Planning
Thursday 14 September Newcastle/Sunderland Construction Sector Briefing
Tuesday 17 October Manchester Cyber, Data Liability and Crime
Thursday 19 October Leeds Health and Safety Management
Tuesday 31 October Sheffield Construction Sector Briefing
Tuesday 24 Ocotber Peterborough Cyber, Data Liability and Crime
Tuesday 5 December Leeds Cyber, Data Liability and Crime

The above sessions run from 10am to 12 noon with lunch provided.

To register your interest or to attend one of our seminars, please complete the following form: