Online gaming comes in many forms – from placing your weekly lottery ticket to playing online poker or even betting on a horse in the Grand National. In 2012, the UK’s online gambling sector was estimated to be worth more than £2bn.

However, when it comes to running an online gaming business, success is heavily reliant on customer confidence – before they part with their money, they want to be assured that any winnings will be paid. Insuring your online gaming business against jackpot pay outs ensures that you’re covered in the event a customer does win big.

GamingSure is ideally positioned to assist online businesses with this specialist insurance.


Mark Robinson
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Mobile. +44(0) 7802 875 950

Mark has extensive experience in the gaming insurance sector. In 2013 he developed a specialist Prize Indemnity insurance policy with various syndicates at Lloyds of London for a new international online Lottery business based in Gibraltar.

His relationships within the market enabled him to place Prize Indemnity policies with an indemnity limit of €65,000,000 in 2014, which was the largest placement of its type in the Lloyds of London. Continued development of product then enabled renewal of the policy in 2015 at an indemnity limit of €85,000,000.

Mark was a member of an expert panel developed to discuss insurance options to the lottery sector at the Global Lottery Messenger Forum 2015. He was also shortlisted for Insurance Broker of the Year at the British Insurance Awards 2015.